President Ikeda meets Finance Minister Noda

28 Dec. 2010

On 20 December 2010, JFCPTAA President Toshihiro Ikeda accompanied by Deputy President Tatsumi Yamakawa paid a courtesy visit to Minister of Finance Yoshihiko Noda (photo: middle). In their meeting, President Ikeda thanked the minister for that the opinions given by JFCPTAA have sufficiently reflected on the fundamental principles of FY 2011 Tax Reform, which was released on 16 December. Also, they exchanged opinions on prospects for Japan’s tax systems and the tax profession.

JFCPTAA signs Friendship Agreement with Vietnamese body

14 Dec. 2010

On 26 November 2010 JFCPTAA President Toshihiro Ikeda and President Nguyen Thi Cuc of the Vietnam Tax Consultants’ Association concluded the Friendship Agreement at the Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney, Australia.
Discussed at the bilateral meeting held during the AOTCA Mumbai Meeting 2009 last year, this agreement was concluded for the purpose of promoting mutual understanding and cooperation through exchanging information on tax systems, tax administration and tax professional systems in both countries and sharing knowledge and expertise in tax professional services.
At the signing ceremony, President Ikeda and President Cuc expressed their hope to strengthen cooperative relationship for the development of tax professions in the Asian region.
JFCPTAA has concluded the Friendship Agreement with 13 overseas professional bodies such as the Federal Chamber of Tax Consultants of Germany and the Mongolian Certified Public Tax Accountants and Consultants Association.

AOTCA convenes Sydney Meeting 2010

14 Dec. 2010

The Asia-Oceania Tax Consultants’ Association (AOTCA, President Mr. Gil Levy) convened the Sydney Meeting 2010 at the Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney from 24 to 27 November 2010. Hosted by the Taxation Institute of Australia this annual meeting had around 130 overseas and local participants including the AOTCA officers, heads and executives of the 21 member bodies. From the Japan Federation of Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Associations (JFCPTAA), President Toshihiro Ikeda, Vice President Kaoru Omae and Director of International Relations Committee Hiroaki Tomori attended the Meeting.
On 25 November, the 18th general council meeting and the 9th general meeting were held to deliberate several agenda such as the business plan and budget of Fiscal Year 2011, the venue and host organization for the 2012 Meeting, all of which were approved. Based on the AOTCA’s mid-term visions “to become a tax professional organization which is widely recognized as an influential body”, the business plan for 2011 was focused on several challenges to improve communication through the website, to strengthen its international relationship with CFE, SGATAR and other bodies, and to set up “CEO Forum” for opinion exchange among CEOs of the member bodies. In terms of selecting AOTCA officers for 2011-2012, Mr. Gil Levy was re-elected as president, Mr. Thomas Lee from the Taxation Institute of Hong Kong as Deputy president, and Mr. Noel Rowland from the Taxation Institute of Australia as Secretary General, as well.
On 26 November, the International Tax Conference was held to discuss 10 topics on international taxation such as transfer pricing taxation and tax treaties.
AOTCA will hold meetings in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2011 and in Seoul, Korea in 2012.

38th Open Forum held in Kyoto

13 Dec. 2010

Co-hosted by the Kinki and the Hokuriku regional associations, JFCPTAA held the 38th Open Forum in the Westin Miyako Hotel in Kyoto on 14 October 2010. This year the Forum was attended by some 1300 members of the 15 regional associations.
The Hokuriku association, in charge of the first session with the theme of “Taxation related to losses -- seeking the issues from the viewpoints of Certified Public Tax Accountants” analyzed comprehensively its present taxation through a short play and “true or false questions”, to which the audience listened with strong interests.
In the second session, the members of the Kinki Association made presentation with the theme of “the functions of deductions from income and tax credits”, followed by a heated discussion between the presenters and the audience.
The forum was concluded with special reviews and comments by Professor Hironori Urabe of Doshisha University and Professor Setsuo Taniguchi of Osaka University.
Since 1972 JFCPTAA has organized this Open Forum annually in cooperation in regional associations in order to provide the members opportunities to present their daily study results to enhance their professional ability.

JFCPTAA co-hosts the World Congress on Adult Guardianship Law 2010

2 Nov. 2010

Vice President Tamura greeting at Welcome PartyOn the occasion of the ten year mark of the establishment of the new Adult Guardianship Law in Japan, the World Congress on Adult Guardianship Law 2010 was held in Yokohama from 2 to 4 October, 2010. Attended by some 500 persons from 16 countries/regions, this world congress was organized by WCAG2010 Organizing Committee, co-hosted by JFCPTAA, Japan Adult Guardianship Law Association (JAGA), Legal-Support Adult Guardian Center, etc.
On the first day, Keynote Lectures were made by professionals from Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other advanced countries in this field to speech on the present situation of the adult guardianship in each country. Representing Japan, Prof. Makoto Arai, Tsukuba University Law School Dean made a keynote lecture to report Japan’s present situation including how much the adult guardianship system is recognized.
At the welcome party, JFCPTAA Vice President Noboru Tamura gave an address, “we, Certified Public Tax Accountants are the only tax professionals in Japan. Our daily works include protecting the property of the social weak, in which I think we can make full use of our professional ability. JFCPTAA will continue to contribute to the development of the adult guardianship in Japan.”
On the second day, 8 workshops were held with the theme of 1) Personal Affairs and Consent to Medical Treatment, 2) Quality and Training of Volunteer Guardian, 3) Continuing Powers of Attorney, 4) Protection of the Elderly and Adult Guardianship, 5) Legal Aspects of Mental Capacity, 6) Public Support for Guardians, 7) Trust and Adult Guardianship, and 8) Adult Guardianship and Acquired Brain Injury. Representing the Federation, special member Yoshie Ito of the Dep’t on Activities for the Public Interest under JFCPTAA participated in the Workshop 3 as panelist, who mentioning present issues on conflicting interests, relationship with heirs presumptive, etc. suggested what no other professional but a Certified Public Tax Accountant can do as a guardian.
On the last day, after the results discussed in each workshop held on the previous day were reported, the Yokohama Declaration was adopted to reconfirm the extremely significant implications of the Adult Guardianship Law.

Japan Federation and Korean Association meet in Osaka for regular opinion exchange

2 Nov. 2010

JFCPTAA President Ikeda (left) and KACPTA President Cho On 1 October 2010, the Japan Federation of Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Associations (JFCPTAA) and the Korean Association of Certified Public Tax Accountants (KACPTA) held the 14th regular meeting at the Kinki regional association’s hall in Osaka. The meeting was attended by President Ikeda, Vice President Omae, Senior Managing Directors Miyata, Takada, Sakurai, Director Tomori, Deputy Directors Suzuki and Takami of the International Relations Committee from JFCPTAA, and President Cho Yong-keun, other seven officers from KACPTA. Since 1997 this meeting between Japanese and Korean bodies has been annually convened in Japan and Korea by turns to share experiences and to exchange opinions on issues which both bodies face.
The discussion highlighted JFCPTAA’s measures regarding activities for the public interest including the adult guardianship, assistance in tax litigation, professional indemnity system, attached documentation for calculation, review, etc. to show how a CPTA involves in a tax return. Also, the Korean counterpart had interests in the movement on tentatively called “Zaimukaikeishi (financial accountant)”, a new accounting profession which is being considered to be introduced or not under the Financial Services Agency. The Korean tax professionals are paying attention future development on this issue.
The meeting ended with confirming that both bodies continuously promote mutual cooperation for the sake of further development of the professions in Japan and Korea.

Symposium held in Mongolia

27 Oct. 2010

Co-hosted by the Japan Federation of Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Associations (JFCPTAA), the Chiba-ken Certified Public Tax Accountants Association and the Mongolian Certified Public Tax Accountants and Consultants Association, a symposium on the tax professions was held at Kempinski Hotel Khan Palace in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on 23 September, 2010.
The morning session started with the keynote lecture on tax administration in Mongolia by Deputy Commissioner Bayarae of the National Taxation Authority, followed by the lectures on Japan’s certified public tax accountant system by Director of International Relations Committee Tomori, and on the roles of CPTAs by Director Kato of the Chiba-ken Association.
In the afternoon session, Vice president Hanashima of the Chiba-ken Association explained the structure and activities of the Association, also Japan’s “Blue Tax Return” system, an income tax return system with tax incentives for taxpayers making appropriate bookkeeping was introduced.
Representing the Mongolian Association, Director Altanzaya made a speech about issues concerning the tax profession and activities for legislation on the system of the profession.
At the closing ceremony, President Mishiglunden of the Mongolian association requested continuing assistance and cooperation to the Japan’s counterparts for the development of tax profession in Mongolia.
This symposium was attended by some 100 participants including, from Mongolia, national diet members, members of the Mongolian association, government officers, and from Japan, JFCPTAA Vice President Omae, President Ishii and officers of the Chiba-ken Association and members of JFCPTAA’s International Relations Committee.
JFCPTAA and the Chiba-ken Association, a regional association under JFCPTAA respectively concluded a friendship agreement with the Mongolian Association in July 2009.

54th General Meeting held in Tokyo

2 Aug. 2010

JFCPTAA convened its 54th General Meeting on 22 July 2010 at Hotel New Otani in Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo. In this annual meeting were unanimously approved the business and budget plan for the fiscal year 2010 and other three agenda.
After the meeting, the reception took place on a great scale with some 400 participants including distinguished guests from various fields, former JFCPTAA officers. The distinguished guests included Minister of Finance Yoshihiko Noda, Senior Vice Minister of Finance Naoki Minezaki and Senior Vice Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Shu Watanabe.

Ex President of Indian Association visits JFCPTAA

20 July 2010

On 10 June 2010, Mr. N. M. Ranka, former president of the All India Federation of Tax Practitioners (photo: right) visited the Hall of JFCPTAA in Tokyo to meet with Vice President Omae, Director of International Relations Committee Tomori and other officers.
In his greeting, Mr. Ranka appreciated JFCPTAA’s cooperation for AOTCA Mumbai Meeting 2009 which AIFTP hosted last November, and hoped that the relationship between both organizations will further be promoted.
The meeting began with his presentation on business environment in India from the viewpoint of taxation and legal system. After that they exchanged opinions about business situations in both countries as well as the role of tax professionals.
AIFTP, established in 1976, has now membership with 115 professional associations and more than 4500 individuals including Advocates, Solicitors, Chartered Accountants and Tax Practitioners, practicing direct or indirect taxes.

JFCPTAA attends Legislative Council of Ministry of Justice to talk on Kaikei-Sanyo

16 June 2010

On 26 May 2010, the commission for legislation of the Companies Act (head: Professor Shinsaku Iwahara of Tokyo University) under the Legislative Council of the Ministry of Justice, an advisory organ of the Minister held a hearing meeting, which JFCPTAA Managing Director Sugishita, who heads up the committee for popularizing and promoting “Kaikei-Sanyo” (Accounting Advisor), attended to explain the present situation and the role of Kaikei-Sanyo.
The commission is now reviewing legislation regarding corporate governance as a part of reexamination of the Companies Act, and especially at issue are the functions as well as roles of auditors and outside directors. The main purpose of this meeting was for the commission members to grasp the present situation of Kaikei-Sanyo, who plays an important role to ensure reliability of financial documents of small and medium-sized companies, as well as to make clear from the point of view as Kaikei-Sanyo what is at issue in the mechanism of corporate governance and what it should be.
At the meeting, Managing Director Sugishita explained that Kaikei-Sanyo, as in-house organ, plays significant roles to monitor company management in the process of preparing financial documents, to prevent companies from acting against laws or ordinances and to help them with improvement in competitiveness and profitability.
On the other hand, he also reported the fact that the number of certificates for qualifying as Kaikei-Sanyo issued as of 30 April 2010 was only 1,810, which means the system of Kaikei-Sanyo is not being permeated sufficiently. To improve this situation, he stated some measures including incentive are necessary to be taken with collaboration from relevant government authorities and financial institutions. Finally he emphasized that popularization of the system of Kaikei-Sanyo is so effective for corporate governance that JFCPTAA continues to take necessary actions to support our members who are now working as Kaikei-Sanyo or to be near future.

*The system of Kaikei-Sanyo (Accounting Advisor) was established by the Companies Act of 2006. The Act qualifies only a certified public tax accountant, a certified public account and corporate entities of both professions as Kaikei-Sanyo.

Meet with Chinese Association in Tokyo

15 June 2010

Delegates of the Chinese Certified Tax Agents Association (CCTAA) headed by Mr. Ren You Fang, Rotating Vice President, visited the Hall of JFCPTAA in Tokyo on 25 May 2010 to have a discussion meeting. The main purpose of meeting was to deepen mutual understanding on tax professionals in Japan and China.
The Chinese delegates, consisting of 20 members, were welcomed by President Ikeda, Vice President Omae, Senior Managing Director Miyata, Director of the International Relations Committee Tomori, Deputy Director Suzuki and Deputy Director Takami of the Committee.
JFCPTAA and the Chinese Association, both of which are the member organizations of Asia Oceania Tax Consultants’ Association (AOTCA), concluded the friendship agreement in October 2004. Since then both bodies have regularly exchanged information and experiences through AOTCA‘s activities.
In the meeting, JFCPTAA had a lot of questions from the Chinese counterpart related to professional fees, the system of compensation for damages on professional services, disposition of members, relationship with tax administrative authorities, as well as dealing with international taxation reflecting global economy. Also, they lively changed opinions on various topics including the role of JFCPTAA in connection with the tax reform and the amendment of Certified Public Tax Accountant Law.
In China, with increasing demand of tax professionals with the changes in economic systems in 1980s, the tax professional system was established in the middle of 1990s. Today, approximately 75,000 individuals and 3,500 bodies are registered as Certified Tax Agent.

President Ikeda meets Minister Kamei

26 May 2010

On 20 April 2010, President Ikeda accompanied by Deputy President Yamakawa and Deputy President Ogawa paid a courtesy visit to Minister of State for Financial Services and Postal Reform Shizuka Kamei (photo). They talked and exchanged opinions mainly on the tax reform and the promotion of regulatory reform.
In their talks, President Ikeda expressed his opinions on the development of tax compliance environment such as to improve procedure on execution of tax administration, to examine the introduction of Tax Identification Number system, to extend the period of claim for correction of tax paid and to make a structural reform in the National Tax Tribunal. He also stated that JFCPTAA is objected to the mutual entry of Certified Public Tax Accountants and CPAs into the other professional area.

JFCPTAA sponsors college programs on taxation, tax professionals

20 May 2010

On 12 April 2010, President Ikeda gave a special lecture entitled “the mission of Certified Public Tax Accountant in the present society” to some 130 students at the College of Commerce of Nihon University in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (photo). This lecture was the first day of the program sponsored by JFCPTAA that the university conducts, with the main theme “taxation practice taught by active certified public tax accountants”.
In this lecture, President Ikeda explained the historical development of taxes and Japanese tax professional system and the CPTA’s mission that is to contribute to realization of proper compliance with tax-related laws and ordinances, comparing with the role of CPAs and that of lawyers.
Also, he introduced the expanding scope of professional services in which CPTAs engage today such as external auditing for local public service entities, assistance in tax litigations and professional accounting advice as Kaikei-Sanyo (Accounting Advisor). Furthermore he appealed advantages of CPTA as profession to the students from his own experience. The lecture was ended with his message that “I hope many students here will have an ambition to be a CPTA and become our member as soon as possible in future. And, we together will contribute to the proper realization of “No taxation without law”.
On 16 April, another lecture sponsored by JFCPTAA was held by President Yamakawa of the Tokyo Certified Public Tax Accountants Association, a regional association under JFCPTAA at the Hosei University in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. This lecture, entitled “Taxation System in Japan” was part of the second year of a program course of the Faculty of Business Administration of the university.
In 1995 the Japan Federation started sponsorship of college programs as one of activities on social contribution to support research on tax laws and tax education which Japanese universities conduct. Since then JFCPTAA has contributed grants-in-aid to 17 universities for this purpose and this year three programs open in Nihon Univ., Hosei Univ. and Ristumekan Univ. in Kyoto in the collaboration with the universities.

Chinese high tax official visits JFCPTAA.

19 Apr. 2010

On 25 March 2010, Mr. Zhang Zhiyong, Chief Economist and two officials of the State Administration of Taxation of China visited the Hall of JFCPTAA in Tokyo. On that day, when a regular directors’ meeting was held, Mr. Zhang made a special presentation titled “Large Business’ Tax Risk Management – Administration and Service” to the members of directors’ meeting.
After the presentation, the China delegation and President Ikeda, Deputy President Omae, Senior Managing Director Miyata, Director of International Relations Committee Tomori and Deputy Director of the Committee Suzuki exchanged opinions and experiences mainly about tax risk management in businesses based on his presentation.
Focusing on promoting to enhance tax compliance of taxpayers and improving tax administration services, the Chinese tax authority currently strengthens supervising large businesses and assessing their tax risk management.
Since China as well as Japan has the tax professional system, they confirmed that the tax professionals would continue to play a tremendously important role in tax risk management and that they would make further cooperative relationship for the sake of the future of both countries.

President Ikeda pays a courtesy visit to State Minister Edano

19 Apr. 2010

On 4 March 2010, President Ikeda accompanied by Deputy President Yamakawa and Deputy President Ogawa paid a courtesy visit to Minister of State for Government Revitalization Yukio Edano. They talked and exchanged opinions on the reforms of Certified Public Tax Accountants’ profession as well as tax reforms. State Minister Edano who is in charge of regulatory reforms of the state, has recently taken office as a state minister. President Ikeda also congratulated him on his recent assumption.
In their talks, President Ikeda expressed his opinion to disagree on mutual entry of Certified Public Tax Accountants and CPAs into the other professional area, because these two professionals who own each other highly specialized skills play an active part in the different areas based on its different social mission. He said the existence of these two professions contributes greatly to the benefits of our nation. Also he requested Minister Edano to appoint certified public tax accountants as committee member in case when a committee or advisory committee to consider the structural reforms of professional services is set up near future.

Establishment of the Council on Accounting Standards of Unlisted Companies

25 Feb. 2010
The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The Japan Federation of Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Associations
The Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants
The Japan Business Federation
The Accounting Standards Board of Japan

We hereby announce the establishment of the “Council on Accounting Standards of Unlisted Companies” (the “Council”) and a list of its members and observers, owing to the cooperative efforts of relevant stakeholders.

The Council was established in response to the recommendation from the IFRS Council of January 22, which suggested that a council be established as soon as possible by all relevant stakeholders to consider accounting standards of unlisted companies, taking account of the increasing globalization of Japanese accounting standards through the work efforts towards the convergence with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

The Council is expected to deliberate on a wide range of issues relating to accounting standards applied to unlisted companies, taking into account the views such that the impact of globalization on unlisted companies should be minimized or avoided in the context of promoting globalization of Japanese accounting standards. The first meeting of the Council is scheduled on Thursday, March 4.

It is anticipated that Prof. Hideyoshi Ando, a Professor in Commerce at Senshu University (also, the chair of the Business Accounting Council, and the Committee of Accounting Guideline for Small and Medium-sized Entities) will chair the Council. Further, the Council will set up a joint working group consists of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI), the Japan Federation of Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Associations (JFCPTAA), the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (JICPA), the Japan Business Federation (JBF), and the Accounting Standards Board of Japan (ASBJ), primarily based on the membership of the aforementioned Committee of Accounting Guideline for Small and Medium-sized Entities.


  • The JCCI  +81-3-3283-7843 (Kentaro Sugi, Masatoshi Kato)
  • The JFCPTAA  +81-3-5435-0931(Ken Ishida)
  • The JICPA  +81-3-3515-1160 (Kousuke Nakano)
  • The JBF  +81-3-6741-0132 (Yoshiharu Obata)
  • The ASBJ +81-3-5510-2737 (Takehiro Arai, Atsushi Kogasaka)

List of members and observers
- The Council on Accounting Standards of Unlisted Companies -

Chair(Chair and Vice-chair will be formally elected at the first meeting of the Council.)

Hideyoshi Ando, Professor in Commerce, Senshu University


Noriaki Shimazaki, Special Advisor, Sumitomo Corporation


Tsutomu Miyagi, Managing Director, the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Norio Terada, Executive Director, Central Federation of Societies of Commerce and industry, Japan
Naoto, Ohmi, Assistant General Secretary, the Japanese Trade Union Confederation Toshihiro Ikeda, President, the Japan Federation of Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Associations
Sadaijin Uenishi, Extraordinary member, Research department, the Japan Federation of Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Associations
Koichi Masuda, President and President, the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Mitsuru Komiyama, Executive Board Member, the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Seiichi Kubota, Managing Director, the Japan Business Federation
Yukihiro Sato, Senior Corporate Advisor, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Hideki Kanda, Professor, University of Tokyo Graduate School for Law and Politics
Nobuyosi Shinagawa, Professor, Waseda Graduate School of Accountancy
Kazuo Hiramatsu, Professor in Commerce, Kwansei Gakuin University
Ikuo Nishikawa, President, the Accounting Standards Board of Japan
Takehiro Arai, Full-time board member, the Accounting Standards Board of Japan


Yoshimitsu Kawai, Director, Civil Affairs Bureau, the Ministry of Justice
Hidenori Mitsui, Director for Corporate Accounting and Disclosure Division, the Financial Services Agency
Nobuyuki Hiratsuka, Director for Corporate Systems, Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau, the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry
Koichi Hamano, Director for Corporate Finance and Tax Affairs Division, the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
Hiroyuki Matsuzaki, Director for Listing Department, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.

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Tax Officials from eleven countries visit JFCPTAA for lecture on Japanese tax profession

16 Feb. 2010

On 21 December 2009, foreign tax officials who currently study in Japanese graduate schools visited the office of JFCPTAA in Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. Their visit was carried out by the National Tax College, an institution affiliated by the National Tax Agency, which provides lectures in training programs for tax officials from overseas, aiming to improve tax systems and administration in respective countries and cultivate an understanding of Japan’s tax administration. This practicum started in 1996.
At the beginning of the lecture Mr. Hiroaki Tomori, Director of International Relations Committee made presentation on tax professional system in Japan and JFCPTAA. Afterwards, Mr. Masahiro Suzuki and Mr. Masahiko Takami, both Deputy Director of the Committee joined the question & answer session. The well-informed foreign students were so eager to learn more about Japanese tax professional system as well as tax administration that the session was vigorous with a lot of various questions. A student asked the Japanese tax professionals to give him advice on how the self assessment system can be diffused in his country. Other students questioned number of clients per CPTA, details of the CPTA Examination, professional training programs organized by JFCPTAA, etc.
The visitors, who numbered 19 foreign tax officials from 11 countries; Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Indonesia, Kenya, Kyrgyz, Liberia, Malawi, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, study at the graduate courses in Yokohama National University, Keio University, Waseda University or the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies.