About Japan Federation of Certified Public Tax Accountants' Associations


Our monthly Journal “ZEIRISHIKAI”


Issued on 15th of every month, ZEIRISHIKAI reports not only news and topics on the Federation’s activities but also essays and papers on tax system, tax profession, etc.contributed by the members.

“Tax Diary"


The “Tax Diary”, annually published business diary-cum-handbook, covers up-to-date tax laws and related codes and administrative notices. With full of essential information on everyday practice, this is one of our bestsellers enjoying the popularity among certified public tax accountants, tax officials and accounting personnel.

Compendium of Tax Laws


Having a high reputation as a reference among people engaged in the taxation field as well as candidates for certified public tax accountants, the Compendium of Tax Laws is the popular comprehensive book covering major tax codes.

Brochure “Simple Tax Guide”


With simple and plain explanation, this brochure provides taxpayers with knowledge and information on taxes related to their everyday life.