Message from President

"Stepping forward with a self-assessment scheme"

Shinichi Kozu
Shinichi Kozu
Japan Federation of
Certified Public Tax Accountants' Associations
The profession of certified public tax accountant was legalized in Japan in February 1942, when the Tax Practitioners Act was enacted. Nine years later, in 1951, this act was amended and transformed into the Certified Public Tax Accountant Law, which established the systematic foundation of tax professionals who provide taxpayers with expert assistance so that they will be in full tax compliance under the self-assessment scheme. In Japan’s taxation system, the self-assessment scheme is a main pillar and is applied to almost all national taxes. Under this scheme, taxpayers voluntarily compute their incomes and due amounts of taxes, file tax returns at tax offices to have their tax amounts officially finalized and pay due taxes thus determined.
The professional system of certified public tax accountant has gone through historical growth in the past half a century along with the development of the selfassessment scheme. Certified public tax accountants have been playing a significant role in realizing proper tax compliance as well as stabilizing nationalfinance. Currently, more than 70,000 certified public tax accountants are registered and engaged in tax services across the nation.
Certified public tax accountants are experts not only in the taxation field but also in accounting. The Companies Act stipulates that a certified public tax accountant is to be qualified as ”a person who may provide the verification of properties contributed in kind” and as an ”Accounting Advisor” who acts as an accounting executive officer in a company. Utilizing their professional capabilities, many of certified public tax accountants are involved in public services, including external auditing for local public entities, the adult guardianship system and arbitration for specified civil cases.
Recently, some foreign nations, particularly in the Asian region, have shown interest in Japan’s professional system of certified public tax accountant. Responding to such trends, the Japan Federation of Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Associations is promoting international assistance and cooperation with a view that many nations follow Japan’s certified public tax accountant system as a model and consider introducing such a system for tax professionals.