AOTCA convenes Bali Meeting 2011

28 Dec. 2011

Japanese delegates in Bali
The Asia-Oceania Tax Consultants’ Association (AOTCA, President Mr. Gil Levy) convened the Bali Meeting 2011 at Hotel Melia Nusa Dua, Bali in Indonesia from 16 to 18 November 2011. Hosted by the Indonesian Tax Consultants Association (ITCA, President Mr. Sukiatto Oyong) this annual meeting had 212 overseas and local participants including the AOTCA officers, heads and executives of the 21 member bodies. From the Japan Federation of Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Associations (JFCPTAA), President Toshihiro Ikeda, Vice President Kaoru Omae, Senior Managing Director Tsunehiro Asada, Advisor Teruaki Kataoka, Director Hiroaki Tomori and member Nobuaki Matsuoka of the International Relations Committee attended the Meeting.
On 17 November, the 19th general council meeting was held, where two important issues were mainly discussed; one was the efficient administration of AOTCA, the other was strengthening of the financial base. Subsequently an extraordinary general meeting was held to deliberate several agenda such as the business plan and budget of Fiscal Year 2012, the venue and host organization for the 2013 Meeting, all of which were approved.
On the next day, 18 November, ITCA organized the Indonesian the International Tax Conference. The program included Keynote Speech by Mr. Herry Sumardito, Secretary General of Indonesian Directorate General of Taxation, sessions with topics on international taxation such as Anti Tax Avoidance Rules, Transfer Pricing and Joint Tax Payers Rights Project with CFE and AOTCA, etc. Representing JFCPTAA, Mr. Matsuoka made presentation on Transfer Pricing Taxation in Japan.
Next year, in 2012 AOTCA will hold the 3rd International Convention in addition to the regular meetings in Seoul to commemorate the 20th anniversary. After that, regular meetings will be held in Hanoi in 2013 and in Taipei in 2014.

Japan Federation and Korean Association meet in Seoul for regular opinion exchange

5 Dec. 2011

At the front lobby of KACPTA’s Hall in SeoulOn 27 October 2011, the Japan Federation of Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Associations (JFCPTAA) and the Korean Association of Certified Public Tax Accountants (KACPTA) held the 15th regular meeting at the KACPTA’s Hall in Seoul, Korea. The meeting was attended by President Ikeda, Vice President Omae, Senior Managing Directors Asada, Director Tomori of the International Relations Committee from JFCPTAA, and President Chung Ku-chung and other six officers from KACPTA. Since 1997 JFCPTAA and KACPTA have convened an annual meeting in Japan or Korea by turns to share experiences and to exchange opinions on issues which both bodies face.
At the beginning of the meeting, on behalf of JFCPTAA President Ikeda expressed his gratitude to the Korean counterparts for their heartfelt messages and donations to aid the victims of the 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake.
The discussion highlighted the system of “Foreign Tax Consultants”, which was newly introduced in Korea by the amended CPTAs Law in June 2011. This new tax profession was created in Korea as part of the FTA agreed with the US in 2010, in order to open the markets of tax professional services. As the only tax professional body in Korea, KACPTA requested the government should take measures to secure the quality of services which foreign tax consultants would provide, so that taxpayers’ rights and interests as well as public interests can be protected.
JFCPTAA explained the tax measures for revitalization of Japan’s economy, the development of discussions on introducing a system of “Zaimukaikeishi (financial accountant)” and others.
The meeting ended with confirming that both bodies continuously promote mutual cooperation for the sake of further development of the professions in Japan and Korea.

President Ikeda visits Prime Minister Noda

21 Oct. 2011

On 6 October 2011, JFCPTAA President Toshihiro Ikeda, accompanied by President Tatsumi Yamakawa and Secretary General Reiji Ogawa of the CPTA Political League, paid a courtesy visit to Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda (right photo) at the Prime Minister’s Office for opinion exchange on tax reform, etc.
At the meeting, President Ikeda explained Prime Minister Noda about the contents of the recommendation on FY2012 Tax Reform which JFCPTAA has submitted to the government, and requested that the matters under deliberation such as introduction of Taxpayers’ Charter, revision of the Act on General Rules for National Taxes will be realized in an early moment. Furthermore, he requested to assist victims of the accident at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station in their tax matters.
On the same day President Ikeda met Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Yukio Edano (photo: lower left) and Minister of Justice Hideo Hiraoka (photo: lower right) at their Minister’s office respectively, to ask them for their understanding of our requests on taxation.

55th General Meeting held in Tokyo―President Ikeda starts his 3rd term of office;Donations presented to “Red Feather” Charity

2 Aug. 2011

On 28 July 2011, JFCPTAA convened its 55th General Meeting at the Imperial Hotel in Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo. In this annual meeting were unanimously approved the business and budget plan for the fiscal year 2011 and other five agenda.
In the last agenda: selection of officers for the new term, the incumbent present Ikeda was reelected as president of JFCPTAA, who started his 3rd term of office. Also, 15 vice presidents, 100 directors and other officers were selected. The term of office is 2 years starting on 29 July 2011.
After the deliberations of agenda, a donation presentation ceremony was held.CCCJ Director Nakajima (left) receiving the inventory of donations from President IkedaRaising donations for the disaster relief of 3.11 Great Earthquake from the regional associations’ members, JFCPTAA presented 196,315,000 yen, part of the donations gathered to the Central Community Chest of Japan. Established in 1947, CCCJ is Japan’s most well-known charitable organization for its “Red Feather” emblem as well as the Japanese Red Cross Society. President Ikeda presented the inventory of donations to Mr. Kenji Nakajima, CCCJ Director, who gave an address of gratitude with a letter of appreciation.
The reception, that took place after the General Meeting, was attended by some 500 participants including many guests from various fields, former JFCPTAA officers. Representing the distinguished guests, Mr. Yoshihiko Noda, Minister of Finance, Mr. Yoshihiro Katayama, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, Mr. Fumihiko Igarashi, Senior Vice Minister of Finance gave a congratulatory address.

Two months after 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake,JFCPTAA strives to tackle relief measures for people stricken by the disaster

3 June 2011

Since the 3.11 massive earthquake and tsunami, which hit Tohoku and Kanto regions, not only people in the devastated area but also those who live in other eastern Japan have experienced various unprecedented difficulties -- the worst-recorded number of victims, shortfalls of food and necessities due to demolitions of production plants in Tohoku area, etc. Furthermore, the accident of nuclear power plant in Fukushima caused growing fears of radioactive contamination, planned blackouts in the cities of supplied area and strict control to power consumption.Minato Elementary School, where some 300 evacuees are making a hard life
On 12 March 2011, the next day of the historic catastrophe, the Japan Federation of CPTAs’ Associations submitted to the Minister of Finance and the Commissioner of National Tax Agency an emergent request for the extension of due date for filing tax returns, which was 15 March 2011, and special application of casualty loss deduction for the taxpayers in the stricken areas.
President Ikeda (right) listening to the words of Mr. Shoji at Ishinomaki’s evacuation centerJFCPTAA has set up the Relief Headquarters headed by President Ikeda to prepare and take actions to bail out the members of Tohoku, Kanto-Shinetsu and Chiba-ken regional associations, which are located within the disaster areas, as well as the suffered citizens in those areas. The Relief Headquarters, unfortunately, has confirmed two victimized and one missing members of the Tohoku Association.
The Relief Headquarters decided to take actions for raising contributions for the members and the local citizens; providing professional support for those who are in the extremely difficulties; submitting emergent requests to the competent authorities regarding special tax treatments and flexible applications of tax laws and regulations; exempting from various fees for the three regional associations, and others.
On 29 March, JFCPTAA attended a meeting on tax reform organized by the Democratic Party of Japan to express the opinions on special tax legislation for the taxpayers affected by the massive temblor and tsunami. The act on special measures aiming at reducing tax burden of the stricken taxpayers was enforced on 27 April.
A classroom with many of boxes of relief aid in the evacuation center On 15 April, JFCPTAA President Toshihiro Ikeda and Senior Managing Director Sumio Takada visited the Tohoku Regional Association in Sendai, prefectural capital of Miyagi, where they met with President Fukada and officers of the Association for information gathering on the current situation in the disaster area and seeking effective supports tax professionals could provide.Cars and debris swept away by Tsunami into the cemetery nearby the evacuation center
After the meeting, they drove to Ishinomaki City, 50 km north from Sendai, to meet a member of Tohoku Association. The member, Mr. Yoshiaki Shoji is now living in the evacuation center of the Minato Elementary School in Ishinomaki, where some 300 citizens who lost their houses are evacuated. His wife, evacuated together with him just after the temblor, has moved to a rented house. However, he, thinking of other evacuees, decided to stay in the evacuation center, where he shows leadership in distribution of relief aid and making every arrangement for the people there.He explained to the visitors from JFCPTAA and the Tohoku Association how inconvenient and uneasy days the people there are spending. Worried about their future, he said, “thanks to heartwarming goodwill from many people, necessities of life including foods and clothes are coming to be almost enough to meet our minimum demands, but medical care and job opportunities are far from satisfying our needs.” President Ikeda praised Mr. Shoji’s devotional contribution for the suffered as “Ideal model of CPTA” and promised him that JFCPTAA would assist the reconstruction of the disaster areas in cooperation with all the regional associations.
A scenery in Kesennuma in late April, good season for cherry blossom JFCPTAA’s officers visited other disaster-hit areas; Mito and Tsuchiura Cities in Ibaragi Prefecture on 20 April, and Katori and Asahi Cities in Chiba Prefecture on 28 April In Asahi City, Chiba, they met Deputy Mayor Masao Masuda to confirm the importance of cooperation between the CPTAs association and the local government for the rebuilding of the city.
The Tokyo and Tohoku regional associations, and the Japan Tax Research Institute have started disaster related tax consultation services by telephone in free of charge for the taxpayers as well as CPTAs.
JFCPTAA has received generous donations as well as kind and warm messages from many overseas tax professional bodies. On behalf of the Federation President Ikeda deeply appreciated their heartfelt friendship saying “we promise you that Japan will soon restore peaceful society and happy life. “
In the website of JFCPTAA, the special banner dubbed “Information on support for restoration against the Great East Japan Earthquake” is set up to provide relevant and latest information.